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About re-employ

About Re-Employ

Here at Re-Employ, we think there is something special about giving and receiving a gift but is much more special would it be if that was customised and personalised.

Our range of bespoke gifts can be tailored to your requirements to make your gift unique and personal. So whether it’s for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or any special occasion. We have something that will suit any budget and customers can certainly visit our shop here. We can also produce promotional items for any kind of business.

Re-Employ fife is based in lochgelly and provides works in the community with the following goals:

  • To relieve or prevent poverty by providing employment opportunities to unemployed disabled people.
  •  Continue the advancement of education by offering and providing continuous up-skilling training opportunities through individual learning accounts and bespoke training as required.
  • Advance the health conditions for disabled individuals by offering supported employment opportunities.
  • Advance full citizenship and community development by creating opportunities for disabled individuals to return to meaningful employment.
  • Provide opportunities for disabled individuals to express their individuality in arts and crafts by facilitating training opportunities.
  • Promote equality and diversity by providing employment, workplace training and employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities.
  • The relief of all of those in need by reason of age, health disability, financial hardship and all other disadvantages through volunteering and training.

Vision and Mission

Vision & Mission

Our Vision – supporting the vulnerable, sustaining ability and inspiring local communities
Re-Employ is certainly committed to creating a platform, which supports the most vulnerable members of society. Therefore, helping them to fully access and sustain their abilities, thereby inspiring local communities.

Our Mission – embrace quality, create excellence
Re-Employ aims to prove that the most vulnerable members of society, possess unique skills and abilities, which can contribute to a quest for excellence and the creation of quality outcomes.

Meet the Team

Irene Donaldson


Gordon Reid

Business Development Manager

Ian Stewart

Mug machine operator

Worked as a machinist in Remploy and used the PLK machine – made belts for lifejackets. Worked there for 24 years! I started in January 1989 finished work on the 12th September 2013. I also used to make machines which make flaps for the army and the flaps were for each side like pockets and hood.

When finished I started the Connect@brag 15th Oct 2013. Finished 2nd April 2015. Started work at Re-Employ on 7th April 2015. I like the work here. Started at unit 3 then unit 15 then moved our new 19-20 in February 2019

I like the mug machine, packing sweets and lacing collars for whisky and putting the balls on the whisky collars. My favourite is making mugs in the mug machine-that’s the best!

Karen Turpie

Slicer & Slasher

Re-Employ gets me out learning new things. When I was in Remploy for 19 years I was a machinist but like Re-Employ better. I like doing things by hand – I ‘slice and slash’ all the collars for whiskey and tie them. I like handcrafts so the Re-Employ like doing the things I like.

It’s good working with everybody and I like Irene and it’s good Gordon’s come into Re-Employ. It’s a good idea getting timed so we know how much we can do in a day.

Katrina Whitelaw

Badge machine operator

Roberta Alexander

Fulfilment operator

I was at Remploy for 34 years. Since coming to Re-Employ I have learnt a lot. I now also work in a day care on Mondays making toast and tea. At Re-Employ you get to meet different Folk. You learn a lot and I think it is brilliant.

I like doing sweetie bags and putting the balls on the collars. Irene is a nice person. You get challenges in the work, learning new things and I like that


I worked in a kitchen in a care home but it was too stressful for me. I’m also studying for ECDL and on the practice test at the moment with my exam in a few weeks. I enjoy using it as I don’t have a computer at home.

I’ve done a lot of placements – was in a charity shop for 7 years but too stressful working the till.

At Re-Employ you’ve to get the work done at a certain pace but not rushed and it was easier to fit in with the people at Re-Employ as everyone is nice and you get the work done with no stress. I just hope I stick at it and get more training and would love a paid position if it becomes available. Re-Employ is the best place I have ever been in and hope I can stay.


I was made redundant in 2013 from Remploy and really worried about what the future was going to bring because of my health problems and the fact that I was approaching 50. I began to wonder if I’d ever work again.

So I came to Re-Employ to do some volunteer work initially on the health and safety procedures and policies. I then got involved in other aspects of the work and ended up volunteering on a long term basis getting involved in all aspects of the business.

Fortunately in 2017 I managed to secure employment with Re-Employ and I’m now really positive about the future helping to build the business and helping to secure employment for myself and my colleagues. I get an enormous sense of reward and achievement working at Re-Employ.

Charlene (Volunteer)

I used to work in work placements in care homes – teas, coffees and domestic cleaning, and worked in a chip shop but gave it up to go to college. I did intermediate 1 & 2 in Care Studies.

I went into West Fife and I’ve done IT classes. I was also at Matrix and Facet doing pottery.

I came to Re-Employ last November and I love it!

I love new friends I’ve made, team work, structured and busy.

I’m a hard worker and enjoy getting up in the morning and coming to Re-Employ.

It’s come on and I hope it’s successful and turns into a big business. Irene is the best boss! Irene is a professional boss and looks after us all.





Cass Wilkie

Press machine operator

Came here when Remploy shut down. Had worked with them for 34 years. Came and got a job at Re-Employ coming up for 4 years ago.

I like the sweetie bags – filling them, making the pens and the pressing for bags and the t-shirts and compact mirrors, pet mats and coasters.

I like Irene and get on with everybody that works here. It’s a tidy place to work with no accidents as everybody watches what they’re doing.

I like being on the Health & Safety Committee as I watch everybody to make sure they’re safe. I just watch out for everybody and make sure they’re safe and alright.


I used to work in a charity shop I got a wee contract. I had a name badge with my photo. That was 2016-2017 that only lasted 2 months. Then I went on a 30 day placement with M&S in Dunfermline. I really enjoyed that but they couldn’t keep me on.

Then I came to Re-Employ. I met new friends and enjoy the work. I really enjoy the badge machine. I had a shot of the press and had good Training. I enjoyed the computering and love packing bags of sweets. I just like coming here everyday and enjoy the chat and can have a laugh while working.


Having been made redundant earlier this year, I decided it was time to try to ‘go it alone’ and start my own business making wooden items such as Beehives, Hedgehog Houses, Bird Boxes etc.

My big stumbling block was that I had nowhere to set up my tools and equipment, and space to build my products. By chance I was introduced to Irene Donaldson from Re-Employ, who was immediately very interested in my ideas. When told of my premises problem she did not hesitate to offer me some space at Re-Employ to get me started.

This has been invaluable in enabling me to get Bees, Bugs and Beasties – Homes For All started by allowing me to machine the wood and to develop my products. I can only say that I could not have come this far without the kindness and generosity of Irene and the rest of the team at Re-Employ.

Caroline Mullan

4 years experience volunteering in a manufacturing environment with adults who have diverse abilities.”

I am a highly efficient individual who strives to achieve the best outcome at all times. I have gained several qualifications while volunteering at Re-Employ and trained in Corel Draw.

I wanted to volunteer my time to a worthy cause so I could benefit others as well as myself.

I enjoy volunteering at Re-Employ as I like the staff and volunteers, challenges, and no two days are the same. I take this forward every day through helping, supporting and encouraging others to achieve the best they can be and myself.

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